Birth and Postnatal Doula


Home Truths: Photography, Motherhood and Identity

Ana Casas Broda (artist/photographer)


There is trust in my body, sensations that lead me into the centre of the story. As if my body were alien to me and I had allowed it to take me by the hand, lead me to other places. As if my body had awakened and was summoning me over and over again into that tunnel, one that I venture into very slowly.

STAND AND DELIVER: And Other Brilliant Ways to Give Birth

Emma Mahony (author)

"Free Your Mind (and Your Ass Will Follow)"

A) Working on your body is a lot easier than working on your mind. Meditation and Visualization are great disciplines that you can start while pregnant that don't cost anything and are perfectly safe. Practise being still for 5 minutes every day. Pregnancy is such a special sacred time, when you are bringing new life into the world. It's important to hold that and be present in your body.

B) While we are firmly into our bodies, a brief word about bottoms. Understanding their workings can help us understand their importance in labour. Mary Cronk, independent midwife, insists - remember the Four F's: Feel Free to Fart Freely!