Artist – Antony Gormley

My name is Shoshana and I am a mum of five who had the privilege of great pregnancies and births – one epidural and four natural births.

I could not wait to become a Doula to help and empower other women to have as positive experiences as possible.

With now over 10 years experience, I have had the opportunity and privilege of educating, supporting and nurturing both single mums and couples on their birth journeys.

As a graduate Curator, I used to run wall-edit.com, a service that provides choosing eclectic art for homes, offices and public spaces.


To be calm and considerate to my clients.

To exude my energy and positive spirit to labouring women and their partners.

To respect everyone’s needs and capabilities.

To value and appreciate the privilege of seeing new life born into this challenging world.


I live in North London but am available to work in North, South and Central London, covering areas such as Hampstead, Highgate, Camden, Islington, Hackney, Fulham and Chelsea.


Support women during home and hospital births.
  • Ante-natal sessions provided.
  • Nurturing Birth UK Certificate
  • Doula UK member


  • Natural and medicated hospital and home births.

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