Combining Birth and Art – my two areas of expertise gained through years of work as a Doula and visual creative – I have created a unique course that allows women to digest and discuss their experiences around pregnancy, birth and motherhood through the work of various international artists. My course is a safe and honest space in which to discuss and debate everything from changing bodies to diverse birth stories and the raw truth of the maternal state. A great opportunity to join me for interpretation and introspection, find solidarity, but most importantly, your own sense of agency as artists and mothers.

I had the great privilege recently to present my course online at the yearly RESET festival for the fantastic organization PTS – Pregnant Then Screwed. There were over 1500 women attending the festival that offered an amazing line up of women sharing their wisdom.
My course was chosen to be part of this year’s event as its theme was “Mothers and Mental Health”

“We’ve had so much great feedback from the attendees, and I wanted to thank you again for your participation in RESET festival”

“It was so fab to work with you and thank you for supporting Pregnant Then Screwed!”
(Willow Bowen – Events Coordinator)

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