Artist Mary Helen Bowers

Antenatal Care

Positive birthing takes positive mental preparation. Birth can make many women feel vulnerable and insecure so preparation is important. After an initial introductory meeting, I will meet you for 3 or 4 antenatal preparation sessions, usually in your third trimester. These sessions last a couple of hours and we discuss any individual health or emotional concerns you may have, and work together on your birth plan. We will focus on the kind of birth journey you and your partner choose and discuss the options to try and achieve this. I will offer help with breathing techniques and give guidance on the various options of pain relief, as well as focus on birthing positions. It is very important to remember that as much as we plan our births, things don’t always go to plan. We might not necessarily get the birth pool we desperately want, or the labour to go as quickly as we want. Surrendering is sometimes the hardest but most healing challenge and positive mental preparation will help.

Birth Care

I will be on-call for you weeks 38-42 of your pregnancy. As soon as you go into labour, I will come either to your home and labour with you there for as long as possible, or meet you at your chosen hospital. Couples often don’t know when ‘it’s time to go in’ so I will advise and give guidance. I will remain with you until the baby is born and offer constant reassurance and positive energy. I will respect your privacy and dignity and do whatever I can to help make you feel safe and secure. Once the baby is born, I will ensure you have plenty of precious skin to skin time so you and your partner may bond with your baby, with as little disturbances as possible from hospital staff. In the event of a home birth, all the same apply.

Postnatal Care

After the birth, I will assist you at home with feeding (breast or bottle) or give emotional support. Talking and evaluating the birth is very important and therapeutic. We can discuss any health concerns you may have and can refer you to a number of practitioners who are specialised in maternal and childcare issues, as well as good alternative care therapists.

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