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“Shoshana was a constant source of support through a particularly long labour. Always calm and positive, she helped us both with important decisions like when to go into the hospital and when to depart from our birth plan. When there were complications, she made sure we understood what was going on and continued to support us when we took our beautiful boy home.” (Michelle + Dan)

“We met with many doulas before choosing Shoshana. We made an instant connection with her thanks to her upbeat and warm personality. She came across as very knowledgeable and presented all the different options about the birth plan in an open minded and non-judgmental way. Apart from emotional support, Shoshana was an excellent liaison with the medical staff and as an advocate representing my needs. She somehow knew what I needed on the day without me having to ask for it. For example she negotiated a change of midwife that totally changed the atmosphere in the labour room without me having to request it. This made a real difference. Shoshana stayed with us for many hours at the hospital after the birth of our baby girl and was in very close contact with us in the challenging days after the birth whether by text messages, phone calls or home visits.. She’s now part of our family!” (Nina + Lawrence)

“Shoshana is an amazing Doula. From the moment I met her whilst pregnant, my fears of labour completely disappeared as her confidence and positivity radiated! I was very nervous about giving birth and felt that Shoshana was very supportive and encouraging the whole time. During the birth, she was absolutely fantastic every step of the way, she was my strength through the whole process. As well as supporting me, she was a totally calming influence on my husband who was unable to be with me all the time. She came to visit me in hospital the next day and have seen her and kept in touch ever since. We feel really privileged to have met such a lovely, kind and inspirational lady who shared such an important event in our lives.” (Tina + Danny)

“Shoshana supported me as my birth doula. She was available at any time before my due date – and unlike other doulas I had met- wasn’t strict with only 2 visits to discuss birthing plans etc but met me several times to ensure she knew my hopes and I was informed about what could happen. Shoshana ended up by my side at the Caesarean birth of my daughter and continued to be in touch, visiting, supporting me, calling and checking in to this day. To say Shoshana cares more than this being a “job” is an understatement. She is calm, knowledgeable and comfortable to be around. I highly recommend her. (Nathalie)

“Thank you for supporting me during my labour. You were so wonderful, peaceful, calm and focused which in turn focused me. Shoshana – you radiate peace and serenity! I feel so lucky to have had your help during my labour.” (Cathy)

“We knew from the very first meeting that Shoshana was the Doula for us. Her warmth and caring nature was really apparent and her support before and during the birth helped us have the natural birth we wanted. She was calm, confident and knowledgeable and my husband and I were very glad she was there. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a Doula.” (Nicky + John)

“Having Shoshana as my Doula really helped me get through labour and delivery. She was so calm and supportive, and she kept everyone else calm with her great attitude.” (Malca + Jonathan)

“As a VBAC I desperately wanted a vaginal natural birth second time round and Shoshana gave me the confidence to do so. From the minute Shoshana arrived at the hospital, I felt looked after and protected, and she seemed to fit in perfectly between Joel and I. Her voice of calmness just kept me going and we achieved the positive birth we wanted!” (Rosalie + Joel)

“Shoshana was the best investment I made during my pregnancy. As things started to get difficult, she took complete control and got us to the hospital just on time when I was resisting going. She also managed to keep my husband calm when I had to have an emergency section and kept us all sane throughout it. She truly is wonderful and I am so glad we had her there. My husband described her as a real life Mary Poppins.” (Emily + Manfredi)

“Shoshana’s knowledge, wisdom, thoughtfulness, groundedness and accessibility made her an invaluable resource in the weeks leading up to the birth. During the labour, her calm steadiness and breathing strategies were crucial to helping me have the birth I wanted. After the birth, the midwives remarked that she was an exceptional Doula – easy to work with, experienced, supportive and a real team player. Thank you!” (Emily + Griff)

“To have chosen Shoshana as my Doula was the best decision I could make. She was there for me from the beginning and well after my long and difficult birth. She never judged, but listened and advised, creating a beautiful calm atmosphere for me. In the critical moments of birth, I focused on her voice guiding me. When baby subsequently needed to be admitted to the Neo Natal Unit, Shoshana came several times to visit me in hospital, encouraging and motivating me” (Miri + Avi)

Having Shoshana as my doula and birth partner was the best decision I could make for myself, in becoming a single mother by choice. Shoshana met with me multiple times in the lead up to the birth, responding flexibly to my needs, queries and concerns. She shared her knowledge of the birth process which enabled me to build my confidence and make informed choices before and during the birth. Her calm and steady nature meant that I was well supported and advocated for. Shoshana got to know me, and was there for me, when others were focusing on the baby (as they should have been!). During the birth she stayed with me the whole time, gently meeting my needs and putting my health first. She worked in collaboration with the midwives at every step of the way. Following the birth, Shoshana continued to offer and provide support – through check-ins and debriefing the birth experience. I cannot imagine having had anyone else with me in bringing my beautiful baby into this world and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others in a similar situation to myself. (Shana)

“Shoshana was a wonderful support during my labour. She was direct and supportive throughout the time. I most valued her support in coaching us through key decision points. She also gave my husband breaks which meant he had the energy to support me too. She is a very warm and kind person and I am really glad that she was with us. Thank you for all of your help Shoshana.” (Nadia + Olpert)

“Shoshana did not disappoint when we met her in person. She explained her role, how she supports both the expectant mother and her spouse, what to expect on the day of delivery and helped us work through our birth plan. She understood how nerve-racking it is for the couple as they anticipate the birth. On the day we went to hospital, Shoshana arrived shortly after she received word. She was a calm and reassuring presence during and after the birth, offering encouragement and support to both of us. Shoshana kept in touch calling and texting regularly to find out how we were, and offering advice, which was a real comfort. A week or so later she came to see us and it was a happy reunion as we reflected on the birth and marvelled at our little girl. Shoshana has kept in touch since and texts from time to time to enquire after us. Thank you Shoshana for everything!” (Lillian + Fidelis)

“Having Shoshana come into birth with us was without a doubt the best decision we could have ever made. Throughout our birth she was a very nurturing, calming and encouraging influence, helping me to stay focused and was intuitively responsive to all my needs! She was also able to advocate my needs to the midwives. Exactly what every woman needs during labour! Her support and energy during our birth (and post birth) definitely ensured the experience remained a positive one!” (Candy + Daniel)

“Having Shoshana at our birth really saved me in a time of need. Our little one’s birth hadn’t gone to plan so the midwife was focussed solely on the baby. Shoshana’s arrival meant that someone was looking out for me too in a situation that I’d never been in, and knew instantly how to take care of and protect me. We very much appreciated not only Shoshana’s calming influence on us but also her ability to be assertive on our behalf.” (Shoshana + Jordan)

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